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Moving to or from Palmerston North

Looking for a hassle free and cheap way to relocate within New Zealand? Here at Budget Self Pack Containers we specialise in stress free removals at great prices.

Container removals are our specialty so you can rest assured that you are moving house with trusted and reliable removalists who aim to provide you with outstanding service at a great budget price.

This page is a resource for those moving to or from Palmerston North to Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin or anywhere in New Zealand.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, send us an email at ops@budgetselfpackcontainers.co.nz or call us on (09)281 4826.

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How much does a self pack container from Palmerston North cost?

20ft moving containers from Palmerston North to elsewhere in New Zealand are as follows. Locations are for pickup / delivery within 30km of the rail terminal at both ends.

  • Palmerston North to Auckland = $3,815

  • Palmerston North to Christchurch = $4,515

  • Palmerston North to Dunedin = $4,870

How long is the transit time for the moving container to reach my new address?

This can vary depending upon the day of the week that the container is picked up from your address. Typically, door to door transit times between Palmerston North and your destination address are as below:

  • Auckland - 2 days

  • Christchurch - 3 days

  • Dunedin - 4 days

Do you supply moving containers to locations outside of Palmerston North?

Yes. We can accommodate container removals from Whanganui, Dannevirke, Foxton and Eketahuna.  Other common locations include Feilding, Bulls, Levin and Ashhurst.

Frequently asked questions when moving from Palmerston North:

Can you provide labour to load the container?

What can we place in the moving container?

Do I need packaging equipment with the moving container?

How do I obtain a quote?

How do I book in a container?

How does it work?

Is storage available prior to the container being delivered to our destination?

Contact our Palmerston North removalists:

Call (09) 281 4826 or email ops@budgetselfpackcontainers.co.nz

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