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How container removals work

Relocating in New Zealand using self pack container removals is a great way to save money and also have a good level of control over the way your home contents are transported. As you are the one who is packing and loading your treasured possessions, you know they're going to be taken care of because you're the one in charge! 

There are 5 main steps in container removals:

1.     We deliver a 20ft removalist spec shipping container to your address

2.     We leave the container at your address to load in your own time

3.     We return and pick up the loaded container

4.     The container is transported to your new address, we deliver it and let you unpack in your own time

5.     Once unloaded, we return and pick up the empty container, leaving you to settle into your new home!

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Locking your self pack moving container

The best type of padlock you can use to lock your moving container is a heavy duty, solid steel, shroud padlock (the shrouded casing makes it near impossible for the lock to be removed with bolt cutters).
You pick one of these up for around $50 at hardware stores. It is best to steer clear of padlocks with long shackles as these could be easily removed.

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Container removals FAQ

What if there is no room for a shipping container at my house?

We may be able to arrange for you to load at one of our depots or you may consider a rapid load/unload where the container is at your address for a minimum amount of time.

Can the shipping container be put on the road or in a parking bay?

You local council will be able to tell you if this is possible at your address. If a permit is permitted, they will let you know how long you can have the container placed on the road.

Can you store the shipping container between leaving my old address and arriving at my new one?

In most location, yes we can. Contact us to discuss storage options and prices at your location.

Can you provide labour to assist in loading / unloading the shipping container?

We do not provide labour directly - our low prices are based on you doing the packing yourself. We are happy to provide a recommendation of a local removalist who can assist you, where possible.